How I do what I do.
The first step is also the most crucial. It determines the trajectory of the entire project and that is why I like to meet directly with my clients to discuss goals, objectives, subject matter, content, style and the audience. After we fully understand the project's purpose, I review relevant media and literature to ensure that I know the full story and can craft it to most effectively impact the target audience.
Once we know the full story and its scope I put pencil to paper and begin drafting potential solutions. At this stage I develop the characters, style, color palette, camera angles, and movement through the script, sketches, and storyboards.
As soon as the vision for the project is clear I begin bringing it to life. Drawings are brought in to the computer. 3D models are built, lighted, textured, and animated. These animations can then be scripted for interactivity.
With the story written and illustrated, all that remains are the finishing touches. Drawings are labelled, cropped, and properly formatted for web delivery and print publication. Animations are composited and interactive modules are compiled. Then they can be posted on internet or burned to a disk. Each scientific story that passes through my hands is designed to stay on time, in budget, specifically tailored to its audience, and crafted for beauty and longevity.