Visual media that elucidates the complexities of science.

Mission & Background

Robinson Visual Science creates engaging and innovative media that enlightens and inspires the scientific and healthcare communities.

I specialize in promoting your medical discoveries, devices, and techniques as well as educating patients and future health professionals. I am a medical illustrator, animator, and a scientist. I earned my degrees in the classroom, the cadaver lab, the operating room, and the studio. I mastered anatomy and physiology, cell and developmental biology, genetics, pathology, and more. If I don’t already know it, I will find it and learn it. In fact, research is the first step of my process. As a virtuoso of the pen, pencil, paintbrush, and the pixel, I have the experience and talent to create impactful images, animations, and interactive media to meet your needs.

My Services


Animation & Interactive Media

Movies and computer-based storytelling

I bring science and medicine to life with dynamic animations and interactive media to educate your clients, customers, and staff. Examples include: mechanism of action(MOA) and disease (MOD) animations, company training modules, 3D interactive anatomical atlases, and patient simulators.


Didactic Illustration

Images designed to elucidate complex scientific and medical information, especially for patients and students.

I craft each illustration to be optimally engaging and memorable for its target audience, effectively delivering your content to every viewer. Examples include: patient education materials, surgical illustrations, anatomical atlases.


Commercial Illustration

Images designed to promote and attract attention to products, especially medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

New products are made every day and the market needs to hear about them. I develop the essential media to demonstrate how your product works and how consumers use and benefit from it. Examples include catalog and patent illustrations for medical devices, journal covers, and pharmaceutical advertisements.


Medical-Legal Illustration

Courtroom demonstratives intended to educate a lay jury about case-related medical knowledge.

All of my illustrations are crisp, clean, and absolutely accurate: perfect for the court room. I work with X-rays, CTs, MRIs, PETs, and more to make your demonstratives relevant to each individual case. Demonstratives are usually 32"x40" presentation boards but may also include 3D animations.